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  Specializing in
Investment-Quality Custom Pool Cues
by America's Finest Cue Makers

CHALKERS.COM features a dazzling array of fine two-piece pool cues by the top cue makers in the United States.  Whether you're buying your first cue, or looking for a one-of-a-kind handmade cue to add to your collection, CHALKERS.COM is the place to go for knowledgeable and helpful assistance with your cue selection!  Let us know how we may help you.  We ship all over the United States and overseas.

In the CHALKERS.COM custom cue selection you'll find cues by top cue makers including Arthur Queue, Richard Black, Cantando, Capone, Richard Chudy, Cognoscenti, Cousins, Gilbert, Ginacue, Hercek, Josswest, Judd, Kikel, Lanz, Layani, Miltonio, McWorter, pfd Studios, Putnam, Schick, Scruggs, Tascarella, Terbrock, Perry Weston, and Ed Young.

We also feature cues by past masters such as Balabushka, Doc Fry, Laube, Harvey Martin, Palmer, Paradise, Petersen, Rambow, Burton Spain, and Gus Szamboti, as well as rare antique examples by Brunswick-Balke-Collender, and hard-to-find cues by retired cuemakers including Huebler, Keith, Jim McDermott, Runde, and Schrager.

CHALKERS.COM accepts custom cues for consignment if they are in very good to new or “like new” condition, reasonably priced, and if we believe there is a market for the cue. If you are interested in selling your cue on our website, please go to our Services page for more information. You may call Martyne or email (

CHALKERS.COM offers well-priced cue cases & accessories, featuring Giuseppe Cases and gently used Aramith balls.

Complimentary 2-day cue shipping is included with your cue purchase within the continental U.S.A.

These are our featured cues, many more available,
call or email if you don't see what you are looking for.