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Prather Cues - P95


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Prather - Cocobolo, Ivory/Ebony/silver ringwork (P95)

It is almost impossible to find this quality of cocobolo in a $1,200 cue these days, let alone one for half the price.

Highly figured cocobolo forearm and butt sleeve with ivory and ebony ringwork set in silver at the joint and shaft collars, and also above butt cap (C,D,E).  The piloted black linen phenolic joint has a stainless steel 5/16-14 joint pin. Black linen phenolic butt cap.

Double-twist Irish linen wrap, dark brown and white speck meticulously hand wrapped with black linen.  Details like this are why the Prather family is known for fine craftsmanship.

One 13 mm shaft with linen-based fiber ferrule.
Weight: 19.75 oz.  Length: 58 inches.  
100% new condition.

Original retail price: $800; OUR PRICE: $545   SOLD

For more information on Prather cues, see the feature story "A Peek Up Their Sleeves" in the March, 2006 issue of Billiards Digest.