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Cue Consignment  -  Cue Valuation and Authentication

Cue Photography

Authentication & Valuation Service:  Research and authentication, with a “Letter of Authenticity” by Martyne S. Bachmen. Letter includes a detailed description, and valuation for reselling and/or insurance purposes. The fee is $100 plus shipping charges.
(Digital photos on CD-Rom are available for an additional $50.)
E-mail for more information.

Cue Consignment: accepts custom cues for consignment if they are in very good to new or “like new” condition, reasonably priced, and if we believe there is a market for the cue. If you are interested in selling your cue on our web site, please e-mail or call first (, with as much information about the cue and its condition as possible (see our `cue information form'). Advise if you have photos of the cue you can e-mail.  

Please do NOT send photos or ship the cue to us until we request it. We reserve the right to refuse a cue for consignment if it does not meet our standards for condition, provenance, price, or for any other reason.  Cues must be shipped to us for assessment and valuation. reserves the right to change these policies and fees at any time.

Consignment Service Fee:  a one-time fee of $50 per cue, plus a commission of 15% of the sale price with a $200 minimum.   The $50 fee must be paid when the cue is shipped; money order or cashiers check is preferred.   The Seller pays for all shipping charges (including to us for photos, and to the Buyer).   

Our consignment service includes:
Research, valuation, and recommendation for selling price.  
making recommendations, if appropriate, to improve the salability of the cue.   This may include cleaning of the wrap and/or shafts, and, in some cases, refinishing of the cue.  Most of our cue work is done by cue maker Richard Chudy.   Any work done to the cue must be approved and paid for by the Seller.  We will arrange to have the work done.
High resolution digital photography and posting with a complete description of the cue on the website, with price to be mutually agreed upon. Marketing the cue by e-mail and telephone, sales documents and payment processing, packing the cue and shipment to the Buyer.

A consignment cue will be posted for up to 6 months.  After 6 months, if the cue has not sold, the Seller has the option of reducing the price or removing it from the site.  Postings may be cancelled at any time and cue returned upon request and at the expense of the Seller.   

Upon finalization of the sale and receipt of payment from the Buyer, a check for the selling price of the cue less the commission and any expenses due (eg. shipping or credit card fees) is mailed to the Seller within 7 days.

Cue Photography:   Contact Hugh Tiernan, cue photographer & web-master for, and photographer for the "Blue Book of Pool Cues, 3rd Edition" for details and photo prices ~