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Runde Cues - BR55

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Bob Runde (BR55) -  4 Ivory points & windows, Abalone, Ebony & M-O-P inlays, # 5 of a limited edition of 5

The 12 years Bob Runde spent at Schon were only a part of his 30-year cuemaking career. He began making cues in the early 1970's, while he was working full-time as an engineer for a company that made musical instruments. After a 2-1/2 year stint with another Wisconsin cue manufacturer in the mid-70s, Bob went back to making cues on his own for over three years. In 1981 he co-founded Schon with partner Terry Romine. Bob was involved with the creation of every cue made there until he retired in late 1992.

In 1994, Bob decided to go back to making cues on a part-time basis, mostly during the winter so as not to interfere with his fishing and golf pursuits. During this 10-year period Bob made fewer than 200 one-of-kind and limited edition designs.  He again retired from cuemaking in 2004. Because of the small number of cues he made and the quality of the workmanship, Runde cues are highly valued in the collector market.

This cue is number 5 of a limited edition of 5, created in 2002 or 2003. It represents one of the fanciest designs he made. (Bob said he would not make this cue again because the abalone inlays destroyed five bits.)

The forearm is curly bird's-eye maple with 4 ivory spliced points re-milled into ebony with ivory spearheads and ivory spanners re-milled into ebony in between points. The ivory and silver ring work inlaid with abalone diamonds at the joint and shaft collars (D&E) is simply stunning. The complimentary ABC rings are ebony with ivory-veneered diamonds alternating with mother-of-pearl dots in between silver rings. His trademark piloted stainless steel joint with 5/16-14 pin is known for its playability. The inside of the points features more mother-of-pearl, abalone and ebony design work. The ebony butt sleeve has 4 large ivory windows and ebony-veneered abalone designs, many with mother-of-pearl ovals inlaid with more abalone.
The ivory-colored butt cap is engraved `RUNDE 5/5'. The Irish linen wrap is black with white speck.

There are two perfectly straight shafts with ivory ferrules. One is 13mm (unplayed), the other 12.9mm and has been played.

Weight is 19.2 oz and length is 58 inches.  

This cue is in excellent condition (98% aside from the played shaft).

If you've been looking for a great Runde cue, don't wait any longer.  The retail value of this cue is $5,550.

PRICE: $4,500.   BUY / Contact Us