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Tim Scruggs Cues - TS-TWJ

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TIM SCRUGGS (TS-TWJ) - 4 pts. Ebony, Ivory & Gold inlays
Custom made for pro player Tammie Wesley Jones c. 1985
This was the second cue Tim Scruggs built for Tammie and (according to Mr. Scruggs) the fanciest cue he had made up until then. Mr. Scruggs told me he made three cues with 14k gold horseshoe inlays in the 1980's, and this cue was the first and the nicest.  He noted that it would have originally been priced at $1500 -- a very expensive cue 25 years ago. The "Equestrian" design came about due to Ms. Jones having been a barrel rider prior to becoming a pool pro. She won several tournaments with this cue. Ms. Jones owned the cue until 2003, and took excellent care of it.  
Four short-splice points ebony in a maple forearm with four colored veneers (black/red/black/red). Ebony butt sleeve has two ivory horse inlays alternating with two 14k gold horseshoe inlays. Further decorating the cue are "Bushka" A, B & C rings. The wrap is the original white with black speck Irish linen. White delrin butt cap with TS insignia; 5/16-14 piloted stainless steel joint.
Two 12.96mm shafts with ivory ferrules (3.8 & 4 oz.) and black collars with silver ring. Butt weight is 15.7 oz. for an overall weight of 19.5-19.7 oz., depending on the shaft used. Length is 58.25 in. A full set of joint protectors is included. All original condition; the shafts are played but reasonably clean.  There are no marks, dings, or dents; 95% condition.
PRICE: $1,950.   SOLD
For more information on Tim Scruggs Cues, see the feature in the July 2005 BILLIARDS DIGEST Wand Workshop.