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Dieckman Cues  -  DD-4EBA

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Dieckman (DD-4EBA)  -  2002 custom cue for 3-Cushion Champion Bob Ameen - 8 pts. Ebony, Jude's Jade, Holly & Ebony inlays, hand finished leather wrap

This Dennis Dieckman cue was made in 2002 to the specs of former U.S. 3-Cushion Billiards champion Bob Ameen. Dennis has been building cues for some of the top billiards players in the country since 1973. Bob is the guy who taught Dieckman “how to do leather.” The hand finished, smooth black leather wrap is so smoothly integrated into the ebony handle, you cannot feel where the wood stops and the leather begins.

The Kokopelli design motif, executed here in golden Jude's Jade, is one of Dieckman's favorites. The humpbacked flute player is a mythical Hopi symbol, but is also found in a number of Native American cultures. The dancing figures inlaid in the butt sleeve represent a mischievous trickster or the Minstrel, the spirit of music.

Rock maple forearm with four super-long points Macassar ebony points tipped with ebony spearheads. There are four short ebony points in-between the long points. Each of the long points has two inlays of Jude's Jade flanking a holly diamond. Eight Kokopelli dancers in a variety of designs are inlaid in the ebony butt, along with 4 holly diamonds. Ringwork of ebony and with holly dash inlays forms a `C' ring at the base of the butt and also decorates the joint and shaft collars (D and E). Wood-to-wood flat-faced joint with an unusual reverse radial pin. Signed on the forearm “Mean Ameen 2002 Dieckman”.

Two 29-3/4 inch conical billiard taper (stiff) shafts with fibre ferrules and Moori tips, both immaculate; 13.25mm and 12.95mm. Both shafts have radial pins with custom bird's-eye maple and ebony pin protectors. The shafts are weight matched, made from maple aged by Dieckman for 15 years from his private stock of shaftwood.

The original price for the cue was $4,000. A letter from Dennis Dieckman will accompany the cue.
Weight is 19-1/8 oz. Length is 59-1/2 inches.