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Putnam Cues  -  SP-8CL

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Shawn Putnam (SP-8CL) -  2006 - 8 pts. Cocobola, Lacewood, Leather Wrap
A one-of-a-kind cue crafted by pro player Shawn Putnam, made to play in addition to being good-looking. This Youngstown, Ohio cuemaker is better known as one of the top players in the United States, but he is also becoming known for his cues. Shawn is only able to make 15 cues a year due to the demands of his practice and touring schedule.

This 2006 cue features four long points of cocobola alternating with four shorter points of lacewood in a maple forearm. Each of the eight points is tipped with a veneered turquoise Tiffany diamond. The base of the long points also has a turquoise diamond inlay veneered with tulipwood. The flat-faced wood-to-wood joint has a radial pin; the joint and shaft collars are black linen phenolic with aluminum dash rings. The butt sleeve is a beautiful piece of cocobola, protected with a black rubber bumper. Eight more veneered turquoise diamonds decorate the butt. The cue is finished with a rich lizard grained brown leather wrap, matching the cocobola. The forearm is signed “Shawn Putnam 9-19-06” in-between the points.
(2) 13mm shafts with melamine ferrules. “Like new” 95% condition - one shaft has been test hit and the other has seen only light play; both are immaculate. A full set of joint protectors is included.

Butt weight: 15-5/8 oz. Shafts are matched, 4-1/8 oz. each.

Length: 58 inches; cue weight is 19-3/4 oz.