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Arthur Queue  -  AQ-6507   (Detail)

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Arthur Queue by Marcus Dienst (AQ-6507) - “Celtic Twist” 2007 16 pt. Scrimmed ivory, Ebony, Bird's-eye with black ostrich wrap

Marcus Dienst is considered to be one of the finest cuemakers in Europe. He has been making custom cues in southwest Germany for 12 years, creating fewer than 50 cues a year. For the past two years he has wowed collectors at the prestigious International Cue Collectors Show with his scrimshawed cues. This is one of the cues from the 2007 ICCS in Houston, incorporating designs executed by Eva Halat, Europe's top scrimshaw artist.

The forearm and butt sleeve are made from highly figured bird's-eye maple, stained a rich tobacco brown. Four long ivory points veneered in ebony alternate with four shorter ebony points, each inlaid with an ivory Tiffany diamond.  The ivory points are scrimmed with a Celtic design. The butt sleeve featured eight more reverse points, matching the forearm.

The Arthur Queue logo appears at the base of the butt sleeve; there is no butt cap. A Uni-Loc radial pin in a flat-faced black linen phenolic joint is decorated with a single ivory ring, which also appears on the shaft collars (D&E rings).
The cue is finished with a rich black ostrich leather wrap.

Two matched shafts with 13mm ivory ferrules, LePro tips. Both shafts weigh
3-3/4 oz. (106g). Butt: 15-1/8 oz. (430g).
Weight: 19-1/4 - 19-3/8 oz., depending on shaft used.
A set of joint protectors is included.


You can read more about Arthur Queue and see pictures of other cues by Marcus Dienst in the January 2007 Billiards Digest story “All That Glitters” covering the 2006 International Cue Collectors Show.