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Searing Cues  -  DS00-MW

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Dennis Searing (DS00-MW) - 2000 Fancy Bird's-eye Maple Merry Widow, 1 of 1, “South West- style”
Cues by Dennis Searing are among the most desired by collectors and players alike. The reason for this is that they are renowned for their playability and meticulous craftsmanship. They are increasingly harder to come by; Dennis is not currently taking new orders as he has an estimated 8-year backlog.
There have only been a few Searing cues made in the “South West style.”  According to Dennis, this is a one-of-a-kind cue created from one of the best pieces of bird's-eye he's ever had. As with most of his cues, Dennis recalls hitting with the cue before it was delivered. He says he was “very, very happy with the play on that cue.”
Merry Widow cue featuring a highly figured bird's-eye maple forearm and butt sleeve. Slotted veneer “South West-style” ringwork at CDE; black, orange and maple into maple rings with black and maple rings bordering. Simpler slotted veneer rings bordered in black linen phenolic appear above and below the wrap at A&B. Flat-faced wood-to-wood joint with brass radial pin and black linen phenolic collar. The black linen phenolic butt cap has the Searing `S' logo and a push-in rubber bumper. The cue is also hand-signed on the forearm: “D. Searing 2-18-00”. It is finished with a black with white speck linen wrap.
Two shafts with Ivorine3 ferrules, both played but clean:
Shaft #1: 12.75mm, 3-5/8 oz. (104g);
Shaft #2: 12.6mm, 3-1/2 oz. (102g);
Butt: 15 oz., (426g).
Weight: 18-1/2 - 18-5/8 oz., depending on shaft used.
Length: 58 inches.
PRICE: $1,595   BUY / Contact Us   No trade offers, please.
You can read more about DENNIS SEARING and see photos of more of his finest work in the March 2005 Billiards Digest “Wand Workshop”.