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McDermott Cues  -  MCD-D17

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McDermott 1980's Model D-17 4 points Ebony, Bird's-Eye, all original condition (MCD-D17)

McDermott D-line cues were made from 1984 until 1990. As with other early McDermott lines, these cues have become popular with collectors because of their fine hit and modern designs.

This 1980's era pool cue has 4 points of ebony with three veneers of black, white, and green in a dark bird's-eye maple forearm. The ebony butt sleeve features four green windows, each with three inlays, with three rings (white, green, white) above and below.  The ivory colored butt cap is protected by a black rubber bumper. The flat-faced ivory colored joint has a 3/8-10 stainless steel pin and a black linen phenolic collar. Both the joint and shaft collars are decorated with a maple ring bordered by black and green rings. The McDermott four leaf clover logo is inlaid in green on the butt cap.

The cue is in all original condition, including the black and white speck linen wrap.  Everything, including the finish and wrap, is in excellent condition, approximately 95%. The shafts are played but very clean. One is straight, the other has a roll to it.

Two original 3.2 oz. shafts:
Shaft #1: 12.4mm;
Shaft #2: 12.6mm.
Weight: 18-1/2 oz.; butt weight is 15.3 oz.
Length: 58-1/4 inches (butt length is 29-3/4 inches, shaft lengths both 28-1/2 inches).

This is a fine example of a D-line McDermott cue.

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