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Espiritu Cues  -  RE82

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ESPIRITU, Russ 2002 -  4 points integrated wood collage and bird’s-eye maple, ivory joint, unplayed 98% condition, 1 of 1 (RE82)

In 2001 and 2002, Russ Espiritu created a small edition of cues incorporating a mosaic of different woods into the points and handles. It was a very challenging and labor-intensive process, because of all the various wood grains involved. Each cue was one-of-a-kind. Some had ebony as the forearm and butt sleeve woods; others, such as this cue, featured fancy bird’s-eye maple. Some were made with stainless steel joints, and a couple (this cue included) had solid ivory joints. After completing the seventh cue, Russ decided seven was enough.

This is #6 of the edition of 7 wood collage cues, each unique. Four points of integrated wood collage with a single ebony veneer, with a matching wood collage wrap. Highly figured bird’s-eye maple forearm and butt sleeve. One of only two cues made with flat-faced ivory joint. Ebony, maple, and silver ringwork at  A, B, C, D and E.  Signed: ‘Russ Espiritu 2002’.

Two 12.75 mm, 4 oz. shafts with linen phenolic ferrules, unchalked.
Includes the original custom Dymondwood joint and shaft protectors.
Weight: 19 oz.
Length: 58 inches.
Excellent original 98% “new” condition; a one-owner cue.

PRICE: $2,500   BUY / Contact Us  No trade offers, please