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Laube Cues  -  EL-45

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(EL-45) Eddie Laube c. 1967 Full-spliced 4 pt. Bird's-eye maple, 5 veneers, Brazilian rosewood nose & butt sleeve, 24 ivory & phenolic inlays, plastic ring w/label

Eddie Laube, Jr. built cues in Chicago from the 1960's until 1973. This cue is a top-of-the-line cue built around 1967; he received the patent for his joint in 1966 (note the patent number on the label under the clear plastic ring). His unique proprietary “reverse” brass-to-brass piloted joint has the pin in the shaft. This nearly 50-year-old cue is in exceptional condition: the original finish is absolutely mint.

Full-splice fancy bird's-eye maple prongs (4) and handle, with a light honey-colored stain to highlight the wood's beautiful figuring. The five veneers are maple, green, maple, red, and purple. Brazilian rosewood forearm; the matching butt sleeve has 4 ivory windows. Twenty ivory and red and ivory-colored phenolic dot inlays decorate the points.  

At the bottom of the butt sleeve, a gold label wraps around, protected by a clear 5/8” plastic ring, with ivory-colored rings above and below. It reads: “CUSTOM-MADE CUE BY EDDIE LAUBE, JR. 4165 N. ELSTON AVE. CHICAGO, ILL.  U.S. PATENT # 3,232,613, 1966“  All Laube cues made after 1966 have a similar gold label with the patent number for his joint, sometimes protected under a clear plastic ring, as this is. (Earlier cues state “PATENT PENDING” on the label.)  A wide golden pearlescent band tops the ½” ivory-colored butt cap, finished with a black rubber bumper attached with a hex screw.

One 13mm straight, original maple shaft (clean but darkened with age) with a brass pin. Ivory ferrule with a backed LePro tip. The micarta shaft collar is bordered by two rings of brass and white phenolic.

Weight: 20.4 oz. (16.1 oz. butt, 4.3 oz. shaft).
Length: 57-1/2 inches (29” butt, 28-1/2” shaft).
Rosewood joint protectors are included.

This cue is pictured in Blue Book of Pool Cues, 3rd Edition, in the Laube section, as an example of his best work, and also in color section, on page 59.

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